7 March 2017

Facebook is testing a new 'dislike' Reaction button for Messenger

As we all know that Facebook rolled out a wider selection of reaction buttons a year ago, Finally, after so long, Facebook has started testing the 'Dislike' button, though on Messenger. People have been waiting for such feature since long and Facebook was probably thinking the possibilities of Online bullying and criticism a User might face. The feature is currently available to a couple of users, but for now still seems to be in the testing phase as not too many have received it.

The news came from a TechCrunch reader who noticed that messenger was now showing a user Reaction button.

When contacted by the publication, Facebook told TechCrunch that it is always testing new ways to make Messenger fun and engaging, confirming that it is a new feature, but still on a testing basis.

So this new feature that allows users to tap on a little button next to the message that they receive and pick one of seven possible reactions, including a thumb down, which could be interpreted as a dislike. This particular reaction isn't available for posts in the News Feed, but it's a feature that some users have requested in the past.

Facebook's Reaction button for posts was announced in 2016 as an alternative to the 'Like' button. These include: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had earlier expressly said no to a dislike button since he thinks it does not go with the idea of how Facebook was imagined. He had said that they did not wish to turn the community on Facebook into one, where people could like or dislike or particular announcement.

Facebook wants to present its new thumbs-down button to users as a 'No' button but chances are people will relate to the same as 'dislike' button. We'll have to wait and watch if the new Reaction buttons really make conversations more convenient in Messenger but people have at least got their long-awaited 'dislike' button for now.


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