18 April 2017

Instagram now allows sorting of saved posts into collections

Instagram now allows sorting of saved posts into collections

From this week, Instagram users will be able to sort their saved into "collections." The collections are private and only visible to the user. The new feature is an extension to the ability to save posts on Instagram. The feature to save posts has proven popular, with 46 percent of Instagram users opting to save at least one post since the introduction of the feature in December 2016.

The feature allows users to save Instagram content within the app itself, with easy access to the original photos and the accompanying comments. The collections can be used for a number of reasons, including planning an outfit, deciding the next vacation destination, compile illustrations from your favorite artists, or always have access to funny animal videos. Collections make it, even more, easier to keep track of your favorite Instagram content.
Each post has a “bookmark” button which can be used to save a post. Users can either create a new collection or save the photos on already existing collections. Users now also have the ability to add already saved photos into collections. The collections tab has a plus icon on the top right corner, which can be used to create a new collection, and add the saved posts to that collection. The ability to save posts in collections will be available on the Instagram version 10.16, on the Play Store and the App Store.



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